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Happy Panda Mandarin School
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Hi there, welcome to our classroom!

     179 Post Road West

     2nd Floor

     Westport, CT

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Chinese HSK (1-6 Levels)
​          课程共六个程度教材
The course is suitable for age 10 plus.  
Chinese Writing Class
​                写字课
Learn how to write & type Chinese characters
Chinese Made Easy (1-4 Levels)
​                    五个程度教材
    The course is suitable for age 3-10.
Chinese Homework Help
​             学校中文功课补习
Help school homework
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These days our world is a much smaller place.  It's important for our children to learn other languages and new cultures.


We offer many different levels of Chinese classes and after-school tutoring. Plus, flexible group or private class schedules and complimentary homework sessions.

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