Happy Panda Mandarin School
快 乐 熊 猫 中 文 学 校​
Students begin Happy Panda's "Learning Cycle" with Inter-active lessons, which teach pinyin, new vocabulary, grammar and idioms through role play of real–life situations. Students develop their speaking skills through listening and reading Mandarin on a repetitive basis.
In addition to our learning method, we also created a “Reward Center” in our school.  Each student can earn credits/points for outstanding performance during class which can be redeemed for fun prizes.  We see this as a healthy way to motivate students.

Each month We also host a monthly social event - based on a Chinese cultural theme. We invite all of our students, their friends and families to participate in these activities.  It's a fun way for students to experience  Chinese culture and to practice what they have learned in a friendly setting.  

Our Method 


Mission Statement  


Our mission is to provide the highest quality programs to enable our students to learn and appreciate Mandarin language and Chinese culture.

We also provide customized solutions for schools interested in adding or expanding their curriculum with Chinese language study.